Door and window sealing AIRLOCK 1000

The optimal accessory for energy-saving use of monoblock devices

AirLock from Trotec is Europe's best-selling window seal for combined use with air conditioners with one or two hoses. The AirLock 1000 extends the application possibilities of this practical accessory series to include patio and balcony doors or windows up to the floor.

With the AirLock 1000 you can finally benefit from the advantages of an energy-saving window seal for doors or very large windows!

As the only window sealer on the market, the AirLock 1000 has a circumference of 560 cm. This makes the AirLock 1000 the first choice when sealing balcony and terrace doors or windows to the floor with tilt&turn closures.

Large and small windows or doors, with AirLock 100, AirLock 200 and AirLock 1000, Trotec has the most suitable window sealer in its range for every situation - and the AirLock installation pays off for you in any case. No matter how uncomplicated to use, economical and powerful the popular monoblock air conditioners are, one defect remains: The exhaust air hose for single hose or even two hoses for the most efficient circulating devices.

Logical that 99% of all users simply clamp the hoses in the frame of opened windows or doors, instead of making extensive wall breakthroughs. In this way, however, not only does warm air flow back into the room again, but the cooling capacity and energy balance is significantly reduced. Dust and insects also gain unhindered access to the rooms. In addition, an accidental shower can rain in.

With AirLock you can solve these problems in one go and enjoy more benefits:

The AirLock 1000 exhaust window seal can be fitted between doors and windows in a few steps and has two variably adjustable openings with zippers, in each of which an exhaust air hose end piece can be precisely clamped.

If only one opening is needed, the second zip simply remains invisible and airtight. When leaving the house, the doors or windows can be closed without any problems, without having to dismantle the AirLock first.

This technique makes the textile seal AirLock 1000 extremely flexible in use: Thanks to the two separate zippered openings, you can use the AirLock 1000 for all air conditioners with one or two hoses. Each of these openings can be seamlessly and precisely adjusted to all hose diameters and connection dimensions per zip. This prevents the return of warm outside air into the room and reduces the power consumption of your air conditioner. In addition, you reliably keep dirt and insects at bay.

Ideal for doors and extra large windows

Thanks to its large circumference, the AirLock 1000 fits practically any door. But you can also easily calculate the size yourself:

Installing the AirLock 1000 is simple and uncomplicated: Velcro fastens the textile seal all around in the window gap. Two integrated zippers allow the exhaust air hose to pass through the seal at different positions. No tools or additional aids are required for installation, we supply the AirLock 1000 complete assembly-ready including Velcro!

Other: The practical air circulation window seal AirLock is only recommended for use during the hot season. You can use this textile seal all year round for any type of air venting device, e.g. dryers.

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