1 General provisions

1.1 Definitions

For the purposes of these general terms and conditions: BVBA Intal-Security, the seller. This includes ikwileencamera.be and airco-outlet.be


Buyer: any other party who concludes an agreement with BVBA Intal-security.

1.2 Applicability of these conditions

These terms and conditions shall apply to all quotations, requests, communications, as well as any sale and purchase agreement, between Intal-security and a buyer. These terms and conditions will enter into force on June 1, 2005 and are valid for an indefinite period of time.

  1. Offer and creation

2.1 Offer

The offers made by Intal-security are without obligation; they are valid for 30 days, unless otherwise indicated. The prices stated in an offer are exclusive of VAT, unless indicated otherwise and exclusive of other costs that may affect the sale or delivery. Intal-security is entitled to change or withdraw an offer/quotation after acceptance by the customer provided this takes place without delay.

2.2 Formation

An agreement is only concluded by confirmation of the order for delivery (i.e. order confirmation or order form), or if Intal-security has started the execution of the order. Each agreement is entered into by AirSain under the condition that the customer is and remains sufficiently creditworthy. Intal-security is entitled to ask the customer for information to assess its creditworthiness. The customer shall at the first notice of Intal-security provide adequate security for the performance of its contractual obligations to Intal-security. Intal-security shall also be entitled to suspend performance of the contract until such a request has been satisfactorily fulfilled.

3 Content of the agreement

3.1 Delivery time

An agreed delivery time is not a deadline, unless expressly agreed otherwise. In the event of late delivery, the customer must give Intal-security written notice of default, on the understanding that Intal-security will be given a reasonable period of at least 14 days to still meet its obligations. If an agreed delivery period lasts longer than 30 days, and Intal-security fails to perform due to circumstances beyond its control, the customer has the right to terminate the contract.

3.2 Delivery

3.3 Transport

If a different place has been designated for delivery, the goods to be delivered by Intal-security will be transported by Intal-security's own means of transport or by carriers designated by Intal-security, unless expressly agreed otherwise. The costs of such transport shall be borne by the customer, unless otherwise indicated.

3.4 Prices and price increase

The price includes the price of the goods and the cost of packaging. Costs of any transport, delivery and installation costs and costs to be charged by law are not included, unless stated otherwise. If Intal-security agrees a certain price with the customer, Intal-security is nevertheless entitled to increase the price. Intal-security is not obliged to give prior notice. Intal-security is, however, obliged to notify the client of the price increases as soon as possible and in an itemised manner. The provision referred to in paragraph 2 applies to all interim price changes, including (but not limited to) price changes implemented by suppliers of Intal-security. Intal-security is entitled to dissolve the contract if incorrect prices have been established due to technical malfunctions.

3.5 Payment

The goods are delivered cash on delivery or after payment of the purchase price. If otherwise agreed, payment must be made within 14 days of the invoice date unless another term has been agreed. Payments will be made by transfer to the bank account indicated by Intal-security. The costs of delivery, transport and other work performed by Intal-security for the customer in connection with the agreement (such as connection and installation) shall be borne by the customer, even if the amount of these costs is not specified in advance, unless otherwise indicated. By the customer

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